Catia V5 R19 Interface

Catia V5 R19 Interface 15.0

You will explore toolbars, menus, files, model visualization
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The User Interface course is specifically designed to familiarize you with the CATIA V5 R19 user interface. You will explore toolbars, menus, files, model visualization, geometry, and the specification tree.
Main features:
-100UI01_1 User Interface
-User Interface Unit Introduction
-User Interface Overview
-What Workbench?
-Toolbar Customization
-Options - General
-Options - Display
-User Interface Unit Summary
- 100UI01_2 Managing Files
-Managing Files Unit Introduction
-File Types
-File Operations
-Managing Files Unit Summary
- 100UI01_3 Visualizing Models
-Visualizing Models Unit Introduction
-Manipulating Views
-Named Views
-Compass - Using
-Display Modes
-Preselection Navigator
- 100UI01_4 Specification Tree
-Specification Tree Unit Introduction
-Specification Tree Overview
-Specification Tree - Using
-Specification Tree - Options
-Specification Tree Unit Summary
- 100UI01_5 Managing Geometry
-Managing Geometry Overview
-Selecting Objects
-Deleting Objects
-Hiding Objects
-Undo and Redo
-Layer Overview
-Managing Layers
-Selection Sets
-Graphic Properties
-Managing Geometry Unit Summary
-Mounting Block (UI #1)

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